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EcoPod Niche for Cemeteries

We are pleased to introduce our integrated interior/exterior solution for cemetery niches: Beautiful Wood Columbaria enclosed in permanent prefabricated structures. The design combines an elegant contemporary profile with the structural integrity of a conventional building. The units can stand alone, be linked in clusters, or expanded with additional units as needed. We offer intimate, enclave style mausoleum units that are unrivaled in design, flexibility and affordability.

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  • Exterior dimensions: 33 ft wide; 12 ft deep; 13 ft high
  • Prefabricated niche structures with interior columbaria
  • Substantial cost savings over conventional construction
  • Immediate return on investment
  • Quick delivery and installation timelines
  • Add on capability for future expansion
  • Digital technology for secure access control


Potential Return on Investment

Walls A&C

26 niches per bay
20 bays front wall
26 bays back wall
92 feature niches
1104 TCC niches

Potential Return on Investment

Walls B&D

26 niches per bay
7 bays left end
7 bays right end
28 feature niches
336 TCC niches


120 feature niches @ $3500.00 = $420,000.00
1440 TTC niches @ $1100.00 = $2,004,000.00



Our-prefabricated modular mausoleum units are built in a factory setting, offering a secure and stable environment that is superior to on site building construction. This method provides climate control, precise tooling and fabrication with professional equipment and jigs, ample lighting, and a labor friendly working environment. Enclosures are built to last as long, if not longer than, conventional structures. The footprint of a single unit is 12 by 33 feet and can be easily delivered in to most cemeteries.

Site and Installation:

Our units are delivered complete and secured on site to a concrete foundation for permanent installation. They are installed above grade and backfilled to floor level, allowing for drainage and runoff to flow away from the foundation. Finished groundwork includes basic landscaping and an accessibility ramp. A 100-amp electrical service connection is required.


Exterior treatments consist of a sloping metal roof system, stone siding, lighting, and clerestory thermopane windows that can be upgraded to custom stained glass if desired. Entry doors are wood with metal cladding on the exterior and clear varnish on the interior.


Surface treatments include a tongue and groove wood ceiling, wood finished on exposed wall areas, and a flooring combination of commercial grade vinyl plank tiles and modular carpet tiles. Lighting includes a feature chandelier and a low-voltage system to illuminate the interior of the glass front niches. The heating is electric and can be pre-set at a standard 53 degrees during the winter. Temperature can be controlled by a motion sensor that is activated upon entry, increasing the heat in minutes and aiding in moisture prevention. Beautiful Wood Columbaria are featured for the niches and available in several configurations and finishes. Fingerprint technology can be integrated for secure access for convenience or in unstaffed locations.

Terms & Lead Time

TERMS: 50% deposit, 30% due upon shipping FOB factory, balance due upon completion.
LEAD TIME: 16 weeks from receipt of the order (depending upon location) and time of the season.

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